Strategy & Data Visualizations

Is it possible we are hooked on measuring things;

How long until...
How much.....
How many?

There are possibly two classes of inquiry in this world.

The first class begin primarily interested in statistics and figures. The second class being primarily interested in causality, dependencies and inter-dependencies, repeatability and to the extent this includes predictions and assessments - Probability.

Visualizations are concerned with many things.

Communications Audits

An external review of your public presence. Everything we can that you have published in, social media, at the point of purchase, in web, and print communications.

In a series of meetings we will discuss with you all of the ways what you say about your business or institution defines you. You will receive a document with suggestions for new language and positioning when this is complete.

Clients who buy this typically need a peak in to what's not quite working. And they are too close to see it.

Brand Audits

The same as a communications audit, however we include visual aesthetics and design as well. Our documentation is more significant here. Besides and series of recommendations you will also receive a list of the 10 most important things to do next.

Helpful for organizations looking forward to change.

Annual Strategy;

Plotting the course for the up and down curves for you and your organization, purposely shifting dates and months to perform when opportunities are available;

This planning is valuable for small teams who are asked for enhanced performance 2-3 times a year. These events need to be properly sequenced if they will succeed.


We will create a visualization of your project, your initiative or your business. Blueprinting highlights a number of the following factors:

  • Scalability, Dependencies, Multiple, Potential Trajectories
  • Communities of interest
  • Priorities
  • Relationships
  • Internal modeling of processes

Blueprints are not charts, they are teaching tools, in every case they are used both strategically and internally.


When considering a new venture, a name is an important component of it's potential. We search URLS and other companies in the competitive space as well as perform preliminary checks on names which may create intellectual property conflicts.