A Studio that Embraces Complexity

Matter is a uniquely strange place, compelled by craft, steeped in history and deeply dedicated to letters and words. Besides being obsessed with projects in the public good and design with purpose, we also laser cut and letterpress print our way through the year with experiments, exhibitions, and other projects. With the occasional workshops, tours, and parties, you can see the studio and its faithful attendants here.

MATTER is a full-service strategic design, typographic, and communications consultancy based in Denver, Colorado. We develop brands and projects which create unique positioning that increases awareness, relevance, and—when required—market share.

During a decade-plus history, we have enjoyed collaborations with large corporations, startups, community and nonprofit organizations, higher education, and cultural entities. We work in all media where language and effective communications are requisite. We have a philosophy of embracing complexity—we see our work as providing access to complex ideas and offers. We will always keep the essence of what is special and important and seek ideal methods of communicating to ideal audiences.

Advocating for human good

We often choose to use our talents for the uncommon, human good. Through decades of civic engagement, sustainable choices, and ethical actions, we have been taught to believe that generosity is an attitude and we continue to seek the opportunity to be educated and inspired by who we work with and what we encounter. MATTER's design director Rick Griffith currently serves as a Denver County Commissioner for Public Art and Culture.

Last Updated 8/2016